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Trench Knives

Our trench knives are based off of historical designs used during WWI and WWII and some designs of our own.  Each model trench knife carries its own set of serial numbers stamped either into the blade or the grip. Sold as collectors items, but are fully functional and are in the hands of service men in active duty all over the world. 

Handles for these models are cast during favorable weather. I generally do no casting between the months of October and April. Therefore lead time on orders for these can vary greatly depending on when the order is placed. 


The BC-41 trench knife was used by Britsh Commandos during WWII . The standard model features a selnder clip point blade with a 5" cutting edge and sharpened false edge. The blade is firmly rivited  in place to the spiked sand cast brass grip with three hand hammered steel pins. Standard blade orientation is true to the original type, blade down with the cutting edge towards you. This blade orientation was used on the originals so the knife could be put into action quickly and utilized with repeated hammer fist blows to the target. Very natural feeling and it did not require a great amount of training to be effective. Comes with a hand stitched bridle leather sheath.  $375


The Clements style trench knife was very similar in shape and construction to the famed BC-41 but instead of brass, it normally featured an aluminum grip devoid of spikes. My version uses the same slender 5" clip point blade, rivited into a sand cast aluminum grip with hand hammered steel pins. This is a very light knife. Comes with a hand stitched bridle leather sheath. Standard blade orientation is the same as that of the BC-41. $375

Deaths Head

The Deaths Head knife otherwise known as the Middle Eastern Commando knife was used by British Commandos serving in the middle east during WWII. My version has a heavy brass grip, with generous sized stalls that is cast directly onto the blade. Standard blades are 4.5" long spearpoint blades, double edged. Comes with a hand stitched leather sheath of a profile similar to the originals. $475 

Apache Icepick

From the era of the Parisian gangs comes the Apache icepick. Originally made and sold in France in the late 1800's . My version features a solid brass grip, with threaded tool steel spike 3.5" in length. The spike and quickly be threaded out, inverted and threaded back into the handle for easy and safe storage. $450

Apache Dirk

Another famed tool from the era of the Parisian gangs in the late 1800's. This folding lockback dirk is styled off of an original but beefed up to be slightly more substantial than the originals. Solid brass grip, tool steel blade and lock.  $500

U.S 1918 

6" long  5/32" thick 01 dagger blade with a 1918 style handle cast directly onto the blade from either your choice of aluminum or brass . Comes with a reproduction M6 style sheath. Starting at $475

The Companion

The companion is a MMK&T Original. It is a small compact trench knife made to be suitable for EDC (where permitted by law). It features a 3.5" double edged drop point blade and a minimalist 3 ring grip. The choil allows a place for the 4th finger to lay either choking up on it with your index finger for utility work, or your pinky finger in a reverse grip. Standard model has a brass grip cast directly onto the blade but aluminum makaes for a much lighter version.  Available with your choice of leather or kydex sheath to best fit your needs. $375