My Services

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I can embellish your factory made knife with new handles, filework,stippling ect. The possibilities are endless. I have a large variety of hardwoods to choose from, including burls. I can do filework on your knife, patterns vary-please see my gallery for examples or specify a known pattern. Stippling can be done to the bolsters to give it a textured look, the entire bolster can be done or patterns can be done. I mark all the knives I customize inside the liner, so it does not detract from the looks. Just email me with what you would like done and I'll quote you a price,estimated wait, and to see if I have all the materials needed in stock or if I'll need to order a special handle material.


I can repair and/or restore your knife. I am a factory reccomended repair station for Schrade USA knives. I restore both fixed blades and folding knives. Repairs are done to the customers requests. With restoration I go through the entire knife replace/repair broken or worn parts, and try to make the knife look the best it can. Prices vary greatly on the extent of the damage, please contact me with a photo of the knife in question, showing in detail the damage and what you would like done and I will quote you a price or let you know if I have the parts to complete the job. If you aren't in a hurry I can hold your knife and scour my sources for the correct parts to repair your knife, this can take a while. Or I can make the parts needed. Don't hesitate to email me.