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When you inquire about having a knife custom made or having embellishment work done I base my quotes on the difficulty of the job and the materials that will be used. I do not charge a premium on materials from my suppliers.  I will begin work as soon as possible. After the job is complete I will contact you and inform you that the knife is finished, and then you can send the remainder of the payment. I welcome full payment up front so I can ship the knife immediately after it is finished without hesitation. I only accept payment by postal money order, or cash. The price I quote you will include materials, labor, and return shipping by the same method used to ship it to me..


I work in most any natural handle material you want, bone, wood, stag, horn, ivory, ect. I do NOT work with G10, micarta, or Mother of pearl. I work with celluloid on a limited basis.


What I do Not Do:


  • work in elephant ivory
  • sell custom fixed blades as kits or otherwise unfinished
  • make knives from stainless steel
  • sandblast or bead blast any of my blades.
  • I do not accept paypal as a form of payment, they steal people's money daily and they have stolen from me thier last time
  • work on switchblades from any of the following makers, shur snap, edgemaster, hammer brand, rizzuto estiletto milano, or any off brand low quality novelty knives.