Restoration examples

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Here are some examples of my restoration work

Below are some examples of how I can turn a knife around. Make it look and operate it's best. I can do most any repair on lockblades, slipjoints, fixed blades, and vintage automatics. The extent of the damage and what I have left to "work with" greatly determines the price and the extent in which I can professionally clean and/or repair your knife.

Case 6445R XX 40-64 Era

This knife was bought by a repeat client off of ebay for a very reasonable price due to damages, mainly the steel parts not being cared for properly. I went and cleaned all the rust, pits and patina  off all the metal parts, and  polished the bolsters and handles.



Schrade Walden 863

A A schrade 863 with black cell and sabre grind that had met the business end of a bench grinder. I revamped it to factory finishes so it could be appreciated for years to come

Schrade 136 Hawkbill

Too many times you see a hawkbill that has been abused or sharpened improperly. I go in and "re-hawk" the the blade and rebevel the cutting edge to look better.

Case XX 40-64 era greenbone 61011

This was an old used and abused greenbone 61011 that had absolutely no snap and a worn out hawk blade. I re-hawked the blade, refinished all visible parts and trued the tang to make the blade snap again