Bushcraft and Survival Knives

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About my Bush knives

My Bush knives come standard with (2) 3/16" brass pins and (1) 1/4" brass lanyard tube. Standard grind is my modified scandi grind, but I can also do full flat grind, convex or scandi. They come standard brush finished with primitive or clean flats.

  Any natural materials can be used upon request as well as other size/material pin stock. As usual the blades are of full tang design from L6 high carbon tool steel. This steel takes a very keen edge and holds it while being easy to sharpen. Standard thickness is 3/32" but is also available in 1/8" thicknesses.  If you have any questions that are not in the FAQ please feel free to contact me.

I offer two handle thicknesses 1/4" slabs and 3/8" slabs. 

I also offer the option of fiber spacers between the handles and tang to act as a buffer and shock absorber and it adds a bit of class. $5 extra


All Bush Models are available with leather or kydex sheaths. Specify desired color 


My Bushcraft knife is a spearpoint design.  8 1/2" OAL. Thick highly contoured ergonomical handle to prevent "hotspots" when using for extended periods of time. Starting price $125w/o sheath or up to $165 with sheath w/ sheath . Blade is 15/16" at widest point

Full Tang Puukko

This is my interpretation of the classic scandinavian pukko design with a modern twist.  This incorporates the same thick contoured handle (and other options)as the bushcraft but has the straight pukko style blade. Starting price $125 w/o sheath up to  $165 w/ sheath. Blade is 15/16" at widest point and 8 3/4" OAL

Bushcraft Necker

An even more scaled down version of my PSK bushcraft slimline and lightweight and ready for the field. with a 2 7/8" blade and 3 1/2" handle it's a perfect 3 finger knife ready for field operations or your next hunting excursion. Base price $130

Woods Pal

Pocket Puukko

The pocket puukko, a straight bladed counterpart of the bushcraft necker. 3" blade 3 1/4" handle, standard model is 1/16" L6 (for light weight) contoured canvas micarta slabs w/ two pins and lanyard tube, and kydex sheath, carry it in pocket, around neck, tek-lok it on your belt or gear, stow it away anywhere the most handy little blade you'll ever own and weighs next to nothing Base Price $130 w/ kydex sheath

Survival Shiv

Muskrat man knives new "survival shiv" is a small emergency survival knife. It comes with a formed kydex sheath that doubles as a handle for light duty chores. If more substantial work is to be done it is easy to fashion a quick handle from a stick and lash the blade to it with the supplied 6' of bankline. 1/16" 1095 high carbon steel blade with a 2 3/8" cutting edge, scandi ground (other grinds available on request) 90 degree spine for use with ferro rod. $75